We are delighted in your interest in our company and our services.

AnyMotion supports companys in the creation and realisation of virtual 3D-services throughout the complete media chain( flyers, advertisement, programming and web development, movies and convention presentations) since 1996. The efficient and medial correct implementation of the customer requirements by high quality visualisations and animations is of particular interest for us.

Thanks to our engineering background we can convey technical information appropriately and in a professional way far beyond a pure creative presentation. AnyMotion - We give your ideas a face!
Geschäftsführer der AnyMotion Gmbh


We are a steadily expanding company. At the moment we have six permanent workplaces and three external workplaces.

Our equipment consist of a couple of high-end PCs, a render farm, a digital editing suite and serveral printers. For our 3D-work we use Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe CC, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. For software development we use one of several development enviroments depending on the requirement.

AnyMotion GmbH is specialised in technical 3D-models and computeranimation. Combining CAD engineering and computernamiation lead to the company idea in 1996.
AnyMotion was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Frank Bischoff and as a GmbH our services aren't KSK bound.

Because of the high specialisation of our services , we need to qualify young professionals in this area ourselves. Since 2001 AnyMotion is a licensed apprenticing company for media design - picture & sound.

Furthermore we work closly togther with serveral universities and offer internships, backelor and master thesis for students.


AnyMotion GmbH believes it is important to activly shape our future. That's why AnyMotion GmbH or leading members part of the following organisations:
  • Ausschuss für Stadtentwicklung und städtischen Verkehr der Handelskammer Bremen
  • Rapid Prototyping Zentrum e.V.
  • ZIM Netzwerk InTeWind – Innovationen und Technologien für Windenergieanlagen und Leichtbau
  • Forum Hafen-Klönschnack – Innovatives Firmennetzwerk aus der Bremer Überseestadt
  • VDI – Verein Deutscher Ingenieure