Services regarding 360-degree animation and real movies

Since the beginning of 2015 it is possible to upload and view** 360° degree movies at youtube. This creates a completely new viewing experience for the watcher. The camera doesn’t concentrate on a specific point but records the complete surrounding. The viewer can then freely choose his viewing angle.
This increases the possibilities to convey individual information about technical products or planned projects enormously. Although it is great on a PC where the user can change his viewing angle by mouse it is much more impressive on a mobile device where the user can change the angle by moving the device around. The same technique is used in VR-glasses and creates a full immersive scenario.
On the one hand, AnyMotion offers the creation of computer animated 360-degree movies but we also offer to send professional camera teams to your location and create real 360° degree movies on-site.


References regarding 360° movies: