Mechanical- and plant engineering
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Assembly line ( systems engineering )

Visualisation of a production cycle of a planned assembly line

An international company tasked AnyMotion GmbH to visualize a planned assembly line for the board of a europian company. AnyMotion should create – in close collaboration with the developer team – a short animation which would show all essential processes in the assembly line.

AnyMotion based its work on CAD-models from the construction department, a description of each process and several power point präsentations from the customer. The short timeframe and the coordination with the development department of the customer was a particular challenge. During the creation of the animation clip,  it was constantly changed based on a continuous feedback of the developers.

AnyMotion needed to create a coherent concept and generated the structure and look of the animation clip in regards to the design standards of the final customer. In regular intervals, AnyMotion passed intermediate stages to the customer for coordination purposes. This way we were closely integrated into the planning process and were able to give value insights for optimizing the process.

Since the original animation clip falls under a non-disclosure agreement you can only see a self-created example here.

Services of AnyMotion:

  • Import of Catia ( CAD ) data
  • Creation of a virtual surrounding ( building ) based on a planning design
  • Creation of an animation of an assembly line in close cooperation with planners during the planning process
  • Creation of an animation in regard to design standards of an international company
  • Support during a planning process
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