Mechanical- and plant engineering
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E-learning project with 3D animations

The growing need for in-company training is challenging for many companies. The measures are therefore intended to lead to quality assurance within the company and must, therefore, be strongly linked to the company’s objectives. On the other hand, costs must be kept as small as possible due to the increased competitive situation. Therefore, new forms of practical training are sought.

The customer has chosen a mixture of computer animation, real film, and text presentation when arranging the operating steps in the area of auto logistics. The multimedia prepared learning content, in a given program environment, makes further training better and more cost-effective.

In this case, AnyMotion analyzed the individual needs and prepared them for clear, brief lessons with chapter subdivision, and implemented them as multimedia DVDs. The product can, as required, be taught by a lecturer, used as a self-running presentation or as an e-learning project in self-government.

Overview of AnyMotion services:

  • Analysis of the teaching content, the requirements, and the target group
  • Development of a solution strategy at implementation time.
  • Derivation of a program structure.
  • Production of film recordings, which accurately document the operation of the transporters.
  • Creation of computer animations that emphasize the use and special features in particularly sensitive areas.
  • Adapt the film sections to the individual chapters and lessons.
  • Graphical documentation of different build types to illustrate the designations and functions on the car.
  • Creation of a simulator for the virtual operation of the vehicle within the programming. To prevent damage, the operator can test the individual handles on the computer model. All errors are displayed.
  • Compilation of a general paper on the safety of transports. Here, documents can be printed directly from the DVD.
  • Sounding of the DVD including subtexts.
  • Creation of a company image trailer with a musical background. (Also suitable for other areas such as trade fairs or company presentations)
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