Mechanical- and plant engineering
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Burner simulator

Simulation of malfunctions

When using complex burner systems, a faulty operation frequently leads to malfunctions or even serious damage to the device. A good training of the employees at the burner thus ensures considerable cost savings and an effective use with the best burner results. AnyMotion has developed a virtual burner and software for Saacke, which can be used to simulate different scenarios used in the training of employees and customers. The persons can thus analyze a simulated error state and try solution approaches on the PC. All components and features of the system can be found in the virtual 3D model and error messages cause the same effects as in the realistic system, so a comparable, practically-oriented state can be produced.

AnyMotion has been entrusted with this extensive project and has thus supplied Saacke with substantial optimizations for their training.

Overview of AnyMotion services:

  • Conception of the training software
  • Conversion of 2D and 3D data from the data stock
  • Programming the software
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