Mechanical- and plant engineering
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Construction of wind turbines

Stylized presentation of the work steps in the TiltShift process

In the course of the energy revolution in Germany, the demand for wind power plants has grown enormously. The use of 3D technology is becoming increasingly important as the complexity of the planning is increasing because construction and technology of the plant can be optimally explained and can be further optimized.

Here you see a special technique – the tilt-shift technique (also known as the Real-Film) – with which we explain in a playful way a time-lapse presentation of the construction of a wind turbine (WKA) within a wind park.

We illustrate the many complex work steps in an easily comprehensible manner without entering into particular planning details. For this purpose, the individual work steps were precisely discussed with the engineers and coordinated in advance. Furthermore, we were presented with individual picture sequences of the construction site as well as planning drawings of the WKA and the wind park.

In order not to prefer any manufacturer of the WKA, AnyMotion created a separate WKA  with the help of planning drawings of different manufacturers. In doing so, the 3D model was also considered to be correct in terms of material and planning.

The 3D models of the construction vehicles were partially purchased from libraries or developed by AnyMotion according to photos and drawings.

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