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3D-Animation “Various Mixer”

Creation of a computer animation of a mixing plant

 Special features and innovations for mixing plants

A regional company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of mixing and foaming mixers. The company tradition has a history of approximately 40 years, and around 5,000 plants have been produced in the meantime, most of which are still in use today. Over the years, techniques and innovations have been developed in collaboration with large companies such as Bosch, BASF and Henkel, which will also influence the quality and progress of the products of the company in the future.

In order to highlight the specifics and innovations in the company’s products even more clearly, AnyMotion GmbH has generated a 3D computer animation of this system. The individual components of the plant are explained in an animation, with special emphasis being placed on the representation of the internal processes in the tubes and on the individual components of the plant.

Construction of 3D models based on design data

AnyMotion created the 3D models of the mixer on the basis of the existing design data (CAD data) and prepared them accordingly for the computer animation. In addition, corresponding cuts and text inserts were added in the postproduction.

 Conception of computer animation

The sequence of the animation describes the functioning of the system. Starting from a complete representation of the plant, the camera follows the material flow from the storage containers into the blender and from the blender into the mixer. The individual components are animated in an opened manner so that the viewer can observe the changes of the material during production. The main advantage of the plant, in relation to the competition, is the continuous mixing of the final product through a constant mixing process. Thus, a consistently high quality in the production process can be achieved, which ensures a consistently optimal production component.

 Use of the product for distribution

In the long term, this computer animation has made it possible to present the advantages of the devices better in the sales process. Essential details of the facility are always subject to the presentation. Furthermore, it can be ensured that a recognizable uniformity allows conclusions to be made on the brand in order to achieve a high recognition value at the customer.

Overview of AnyMotion services:
  • Transfer of IGES (CAD) data to our system
  • Construction and refinement of the 3D models of the plant
  • Modeling of details of the plant according to templates (graphics, photos)
  • Development of the animation in close cooperation with the customer
  • Postproduction and creation of text overlays
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