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Logistics processes in a high-rack warehouse

Presentation of logistics processes

Modern merchandise management can no longer be imagined without logistics processes. Some companies have already made a name for themselves in this complex field and ensure that the partly nationwide sales channels are used optimally. They take over the complex process of the individualization of the products for individual country-specific and user-dependent peculiarities or customer-specific adaptation. In order to explain these complex processes, AnyMotion was asked to create a meaningful 3D animation. The processes from the delivery, the storage, the packaging and the output were explained in detail.
AnyMotion has worked closely with the developers and presented the individual processes in advance.

Overview of AnyMotion services:

  • Analysis of the logistics processes
  • 3D implementation of commissioning systems, high-bay shelving, automated small parts storage
  • Development and optimization of the processes in cooperation with the developers during the planning using the 3D models
  • Presentation of the storage rooms on the basis of the developed processes
  • Innovative 3D animation of the goods flows within the warehouse
  • Preparation of the animation for the presentation with a referent
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