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Development of a programmed trade-fair terminal system

Application to display product areas

Comprehensive technology line for different industries

On of our customers is a specialist for the development, production, and distribution of innovative systems for the composite industry as well as a competent partner for global direct and distribution customers. For manufacturing parts made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP), but also for unreinforced applications, processors of reaction resins require customer-oriented and innovative suppliers. The comprehensive range of technologies covers the automotive industry, rail vehicles, wind power, construction, plumbing, tanks and pipes, boatbuilding and leisure.

Development of a programmed convention terminal

AnyMotion has offered the customer a programmed trade-fair terminal system which runs on a stand-alone system and should be used at various trade fairs. A particular challenge was to bring the various fields of application and the quality of the products closer to the customer. The advantage of programming to a foil presentation or a trade fair film was the interactive product presentation. This alternative form of presentation makes our experience an impression of an advanced company that uses innovative techniques to present its services to its customers. Furthermore, a monitor, which is operated by a wiping technique, attracts great attention.

Include the existing CI

AnyMotion designed a Flash-based programming for the company, which is operated via a tablet touch screen. The design of the app has been adapted to the company’s existing CI. Furthermore, existing material about individual product areas was integrated into the app.

Implementation of an animated “industry carousel”

A graphic template was created in which all sectors are arranged in an oval. The carousel can be rotated with a touch hand-movement. If the monitor remains unaffected for a certain time, the carousel starts moving slowly and rotates independently. The middle, lower symbol is displayed slightly enlarged and thus represents the active, selectable Industry.

Entscheidet sich der User für ein Detail, so wird dieses einzelnd als 3D-Element dargestellt. Bei diesen Details handelt es sich je nach Branche um außen liegende Elemente z.B. Windabweiser bei Fahrzeugen, um das komplette Produkt oder um innenliegende Details, wie z.B. die Türeinfassungen eines Personenzuges. Nach Auswahl des Details werden die entsprechend verwendeten Produkte des Unternehmens eingeblendet und weitere Informationen in Form von Texten und Bildern können abgerufen werden.

Presentation of the product areas and details on sub-levels

If the viewer chose an industry, the corresponding 3D symbol is placed on this level in the foreground. In order to make it clear to the user which products the company offers from the respective branch, some details are highlighted in the 3D symbol. The 3D symbol is slightly rotated in an animation to better recognize the rear areas and make the presentation more dynamic.

If the user decides for a detail element, this is displayed as a 3D element. These details are, depending on the industry, external elements, e.g. Wind deflectors for vehicles, the complete product or an interior detail, e.g. The doorways of a passenger train. After selecting a detail element, the company’s products are displayed and further information in the form of texts and pictures can be retrieved.

Overview of AnyMotion services

  • Conception of programming on a flash basis
  • Creation of layouts for the interface based on existing CI
  • Implementation of the 3D models for the representation of the industries
  • Animation “Industry Carousel”
  • Install the app on tablets and all-in-one devices for the show
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