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Historical bremen

Project: Historical Bremen, The History of Bremen as a Computer Model

The “Historical Bremen” project is a series of computer models that represent a replica of the city of Bremen at different time periods. With this project, ANYMOTION has expanded its field of expertise to include historical reconstructions. These computer-generated models project detailed images of history into the present. With the support of experts (including Mr. Günther Garbrecht), AnyMotion collected historical facts and turned them into computer models, which in turn serve as the basis for graphics, videos and multimedia products.

The “Historical Bremen” project was launched at the end of 2001 and has since been further developed through continuous supplementary work.
Pictures and videos from the project have already been used in several projects.

AnyMotion has created a modern website for the project, in which you can explore the old Bremen in several centuries in virtual 360 ° panoramic tours. Learn more at:


Overview of AnyMotion services:
  • Projekt „Time Guide / City Guide“
    In the course of expanding UMTS applications, a program was developed for the PDA by the Bremen agency i2dm. On a given route the user is guided on a historical route through the city. He has the possibility to view the build state of 300 or 500 years ago.
  • Project “The History of Bremen, The Film”
    Elaborate renderings and spectacular camera rides illustrate to the viewer the history of Bremen. The constructional development of Bremen is being followed over 5 centuries.
  • Projekt „Hansestadt“
    The subject of e-learning is also becoming more and more interesting for the mediation of historical knowledge. Hansestadt is a classic computer game in which the player has to perform several tasks. During this time, he becomes acquainted with numerous important events. The game is set in the 16th century in the time of Johann Dove.
  • Creation of virtual 360 ° Panorma tours for the website ( 1800 n.Chr. / 1600 n.Chr. / 1400 n.Chr. / 1000 n.Chr. / 900 n.Chr. )
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