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AR-App for mobile devices

Project: Augmented Reality for companys for an impressive onsite presentation

Advancements in mobile technology give you fantastic new possibilities for extraordinary product presentations. The main advantage is that mobile devices are readily available nowadays so that you can present your ideas in an innovative way on the spot.

AnyMotion has dealt with AR-technology for some years now and developed a small example augmented reality(AR) App to give you a feeling of what is possible. You can use it to show your customer several complex animated 3D-model everywhere you want. For example: On your customer’s desk. The app works in conjunction with so-called  „Markers“, a printed image, which get recognized by the camera of your mobile device.  On recognition, our app computes the correct size and orientation for the 3D-model so it will appear correctly on top of the marker. If you move your phone around the „Marker“ the model will be modified accordingly so that you can view it from all sides.

Markers can take all kind of shapes and sizes. It can be a QR-code or your business card. The AR-app can distinguish between several markers and can show a unique 3D-model for every marker. We can offer our customers a wide variety of marker/model pairs. In our more advanced app, we can add interactivity like buttons, information about selected parts triggers for animations and much more.

Interested? Load our basic app from apple or google playstore ( seek for “AnyMotion”). Print one of our marker from below and put it on your table.

Our basic app works with on of these markers:

Maschinen- / Anlagenbau Marker

Hochbau Marker

Windenergie Marker

Weihnachtsbaum Marker

Services of AnyMotion:

  • Creation or modification of 3D-models for mobile use
  • Creation and maintenance of an app for android and ios
  • Creation of individual markers
  • Testing and upload into the app store and google playstore
  • Yearly billing for the customer

Get the basic app:

Von AnyMotion GmbH zum Itunes Store

Get AnyMotion App in Playstore

Need support for one of our apps?

Visit our support sites.

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