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Development of an AR-app for analytical measuring instruments

Programming of an AR-App for exhibition use

Extensive product range of measuring instruments

On of our customers is a company that develops powerful analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, and the associated software for scientific laboratories. In order to give customers a better insight into the technology, the company intended to develop an AR app for mobile devices using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology for the field of analytical measuring devices.

Conception of the AR-App

The customer expressed the wish “to surprise” the user in his AR app and involve him in a playful way in the topic mass spectrometer. AnyMotion developed a concept that should entertain and fascinate the viewer. The focus of the development were some off-the-book questions provided by the customers about measuring instruments. We have assumed that the technical details of the measuring instruments are known to the trade publication and are sufficiently described. A problem-oriented representation of questions was, therefore, a good way to bring the customer to the products and to present possibilities for analyses.

Development of a quiz tour for trade fair visitors

Therefore, a “quiz” was developed in which there are three choices for each marker. The quiz comprises a total of 11 questions, i.e. AnyMotion has developed a marker and a visual representation for each question. The special character of the representations has been chosen to entertain with unusual 3D objects, drawings, and characters, but also stimulate thought. It is likely that the viewers will remember the presentations for a long time and thus ensure a lasting impression.

Advantages of an AR app over a traditional presentation

People from a technical environment are often interested in researching technical devices. They like to be active and control interesting facts themselves. Installing an app on your mobile phone creates a relationship with the customer. Within the app, further information about the measuring devices can be stored and retrieved at a later date by the customer. The markers used can also be printed in information brochures and viewed by the customer at a later date.

Overview of AnyMotion services
  • Develop an AR app for Apple and Android devices
  • Creation of 3D models, animations, graphics and interactive drawings
  • Design of markers taking into account existing light reflections and other technical parameters
  • Deploy the AR app on the Apple Store and on Google Play
  • Preparing the app to integrate additional features in addition to AR technology
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