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Control room construction

Project: Planning control rooms

Planning a control room is a precise conception of high importance. While planning a control room you have to take many factors into account like lines of view, lighting, the position of the key rooms and keeping up with the regulations for a perfect workflow. To prejudge all of these factors and to avoid mistakes, AnyMotion is creating the whole construction as a realistic computer model for the planners and the decision-makers. Using this model everyone can quickly grasp the underlying conditions and they can avoid costly mistakes. The planning process ist shorten considerably by this striking clarification and simulation.

Services of AnyMotion:
  • Building 3D-models of the interior including walls, windows, and doors using 2D-CAD data from an architect.
  • Furnishing the control room with furniture, projections wands, room separators
  • Realistic lighting of the rooms
  • Visualization of several planning variations
  • Creating a computer animation of a virtual walking tour
  • Creation of 360-degree panoramas
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