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Reconstruction of railway junction

Project within the scope of DB's expansion

In the course of the expansion of the Bremen – Wilhelmshaven railway line, Deutsche Bahn has planned the reconstruction of a railroad crossing in the Oldenburg area in order to cope with the increased traffic volume on the railways. Since the people should be involved in this project, the AnyMotion GmbH has planned and presented the lifting of the level ground crossing in this context.

Three different design approaches were discussed:

1. A bridge
2.A trough structure
3. Or a mixture of both solutions.

AnyMotion has implemented all variants as to scale, photorealistic 3D visualization and inserted them correctly into a photo so that everyone could get a picture of the expected outcome.

The photographs were taken by AnyMotion GmbH by a climber from different heights. The recordings served as a basis for the planners in Hanover to better understand the actual situation on the ground. The survey, therefore, included a large area around the actual planning.

To illustrate the effects of planning, the visualizations were created from different standpoints for each planning variants. The residents could thus make an objective picture of the planned situation in all possible angles.

AnyMotion stands for the correct and objective representation of the planning in on-site. All visualizations have been used in the corresponding photos.


Overview of AnyMotion services:
  • Survey on-site
  • Coordinate the planning variants with the engineers
  • Implementation of the 2D planning as a true-to-scale 3D model taking into account the correct heights of the train body and the LSW
  • Partially independent construction of the bridge structure and the abutments in 3D, in a low degree of detail
  • Photomontage of the 3D graphics into the photographs taking into account the correct position and lens data of the recording camera.
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