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Hospital Barmbeck

Project: Hamburg, General hospital in Barmbek

The construction of a new hospital building presents a serious challenge for developers and engineers. Complex relationships of power supply, patient transport routes, nested building relationships, and aspects regarding urban development are hard to grasp and even harder to evaluate even for the engineers who participate.

Bilfinger and Berger tasked AnyMotion with the creation of a computeranimation containing all significant planning goals so it can be quickly judged by the customer.

Services of AnyMotion:

  • Extensive assessment of every corresponding document, on-site assessment, and coordination with all participating specialist engineers.
  • Architectural realization of the building according to the blueprints and guidelines of the architectural office.
  • Showing of the overall concept in regards to urban development. AnyMotion created the hospital complex model based on the local land register.
  • Clear presentation of the building process ( pillar construction ).
  • Visualization of the transport routes within the virtual building
  • Visualization of the energy supply lines and the supply lines relationships within the virtual building.
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