Structural- / civil engineering
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Hamburg, Airbus A380

Project: Hamburg, Painthangar at AIRBUS Lemwerder

The expansion of the AIRBUS FACTORY at Lemwerder ( year 2003) has been an important infrastructure measure for AIRBUS and the whole region. An effective preliminary presentation of the end result in front of the press and investors has been an important step for the company’s image campaign.

AnyMotion has been tasked to refine the results of the planer and produce a high-quality computer animation to showcase the new building during operation.

Services of AnyMotion:

  • Import of all CAD-models from different sources
  • Texturize and optimize the lightning and reflexion conditions in the hall
  • Reconstruct the movement processes according to the client’s guidelines
  • Rendering a computer animated sequence in different qualities for projection on a large screen.
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